Top 5 Anal Vibrators for Amateurs & Beyond

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If you haven’t yet explored the pleasure of butt play, now is the time to do it. The back door is full of sensual delights that may surprise you – and it’s well worth discovering.

In our opinion, anal vibes are the easiest way to heighten sensations through this channel. We’ve put together a little guide to the top five kinds of vibrators that are best for beginners.

anal vibrator

Go on; you know you want to.

1. Start with butt plugs

If you’re a complete beginner in booty play, start by taking things slow. Butt plugs offer the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see how you like it without asking for a lot of commitment.

By stimulating the sensitive nerves closest to the opening of the passage, these toys make powerful thrills run down your spine. They happen to be perfect for both genders, making them natural for couples’ sex toys.

2. The unisex vibe

If stimulating the derriere turns out to be your thing, investing in a unisex vibe is the next step we recommend taking. These pieces truly take things further by providing deeper penetration, more controls, and extra stimulation around the perianal or clit.

The shape alone will tell you how to use them. Just lube up, slide them in and press play. A world of bliss awaits.

3. Rotating vibrators take things even further

The unisex vibe is a great introduction to deeper penetration, but sophisticated rotating styles take things even further. Shafts move inside you while continuing to buzz, touching every part of the passage. This extra stimulation is all that’s needed for out-of-this-world orgasms.

4. Prostate stimulators can bring a man to his knees

For men, stimulating the prostate feels unreal. It’s intense, unforgettable, and absolutely delightful.

Toys specially crafted for this region often feature a bulb design and more curves than the average vibe. The controls vary on each model – but the result is always the same: earth-shattering orgasms like he’s never experienced before.

5. Go remote

Surprises are undeniably sexy. No matter what kind of anal vibrators you choose to use – whether they’re plugs or something else – controlling them remotely results in more pleasure than you can imagine.

In the hands of a partner, you’re free to let go and succumb to the sensation. Controlled during solo play, the remote allows you to let your hands roam freely, wherever your body calls.

How to buy anal vibrators online

Toys for anal play are slightly different from regular vibrators. They have built-in safety features that stop the toy from going in too deep while maximising pleasure. Look for designs that have a ridge or shape with more of a curve. They’re easy to spot and stand out from regular vibrators.

Some might even have an extra section for stimulating the perianal. Like our three-pronged styles, others stimulate ladies in all the right spots, producing intense, blended orgasms. If you're an amateur, we recommend starting with something simpler and working your way up – there’s plenty of room for progress.

Take the first step with one of our high-powered plugs or vibes and start exploring.

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