Anal Play


Heighten pleasure with unique anal sex toys online

Accentuating erotic experiences is all about letting desire flourish in its purest form. Sometimes, that means venturing beyond the “usual” pleasure channels and dipping into “taboo” territory.

Anal toys offer the perfect mixture of naughtiness and ecstasy. Rubbing against highly sensitive nerves, the sensations produced are enough to tip anyone – male or female – over the edge.

Best of all, they can be combined with other delightful pieces for surreal, mind-blowing blended orgasms. Choose from training kits, butt plugs, vibrators and more. Delivered in discreet Peach Pleasure packaging, the freedom to experience uninhibited ecstasy is all yours.

Exciting anal sex toys spice up your love life

Bringing the body to climax takes a special blend of stimulation and surprise. Making the most sensitive nerves on the body dance with delight is something that Peach Pleasure products do naturally – and there’s no exception for our back-door toys.

Big and small anal toys cater to all sexualities and tastes. Beads, dildos, vibes, and prostate massagers expertly caress the sensitive erogenous zone of the rear passage until the pleasure can’t be held back. Chosen by professionals who love to keep the flames of passion red-hot, these items truly live up to lofty expectations.

How to choose the right anal toy for you

No matter how you like to play, there’s a way to satisfy your sexual cravings. All you have to do is uncover which buttons to push, then slide the right key into place. After that, climax is inevitable.

For those who like shallower stimulation and rimming, we recommend trying beads, balls or short plugs. The silky silicone-wrapped models found in our line enter as far as you allow, generating sensations that satisfy without overwhelming.

As for the risk of over-insertion? You won’t find it here. Well-designed flared bases feature across all items (bar beads and balls, which have dedicated pull strings attached). Simply relax, take your time, and let the bliss mount until it explodes inside you.

For men and women who enjoy deep penetration, anal vibrators and dildos are more than capable of doing the trick. While both can stimulate the prostate, men may like to buy something that’s specially designed to fit the purpose. Believe us, the orgasms are worth investing in!

If you haven’t yet felt what it’s like to stir up the erogenous zones of the rear, there’s no need to feel intimidated. Try choosing a smaller piece or training kit to test the waters, then see how you like it. Just remember to go slow and use lots of lube – the rest will come naturally.

Keep lust alive in your life

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to intimate relationships. The best way to ensure that they last is to plan for new experiences. Luckily for you, Peach Pleasure products are delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Our gifts and orders are beautifully wrapped and delivered with full discretion. Whether shopping for him, or surprising her with by combining clitoral stimulators and booty treats, turning fantasies into realities starts at our online shop.

Select a unique piece and check out with something new today. Your partner will thank you later!