Please yourself with our delicious realistic dildos

No sex toy kit is ever quite complete without a dong or two to play with. Designed to feel just like the real deal, these phallic forms can easily become a girl’s – or guy's – best friend.

Choose from realistic silicone styles, anal or vibrating dildos, and designs with suction features for hands-free play. Like all Peach Pleasure items, these models are selected to target the most sensitive erogenous zones and induce delicious states or ecstasy, wherever you take them.

Use them alone or with a partner. Explore them all and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Pleasure’s in your hands with our vibrating dildos

When the libido roars into life, the only way to soothe it is to satisfy the body’s cravings. If your partner isn't around to give it to you, the only thing to do is take matters into your own hands.

No matter which model takes your fancy from the Peach collection, you can rest assured that it’s well equipped to unleash incredible orgasms. Stocked in various lengths and girths, these toys reach deep within the body to stimulate and caress. Stroking your most sensitive spots as you move in the way that feels best, the freedom to uncover new dimensions of bliss awaits.

Take these powerful delights between the sheets, in the shower (suction cup dildos, anyone?), on holiday, or anywhere else that comes to mind. Use them on the walls or floors, wherever you want to enjoy them to your heart’s content. Feel free to tell your partner all about the experience – or better yet – give them a show they’ll never forget.

When you’re ready to take the session further, pair your toy with one of our clit stimulators or increase the intensity with high-powered vibrating models.

Drive him wild with anal dildos

The prostate is responsible for unleashing men’s most powerful orgasms. Stimulated by specially designed prostate and anal dildos, the masculine gland becomes a centre for mind-blowingly sweet sensations. Bathing his entire body in pure ecstasy, the experience is surreal.

Often hard to reach with fingers, the prostate is best targeted with purpose-built massagers. Within our collection, you’ll find a range that does more than just hit the spot; taking care of the whole package in one go.

Introduce him to these powerhouse products and watch what happens next.

Enjoy a versatile sex toy for couples

The Peach Pleasure collection is all about heightening passion and pleasure – and there’s no better way to do it than with a toy that two can use.

The versatility of dongs makes them the perfect sex toys for couples. Try giving her earth-shattering orgasms through double penetration, or switch roles and slide an anal style into a harness for pegging. There are no limits to the number of ways these pleasure items can be used to generate bliss – and the more you explore, the stronger the intimacy becomes.

Invest in a design or two for both of you and get ready to enter the depths of erotic satisfaction.