Couples Toys


Discover the best adult toys for couples online

Orgasms are best when shared between two. We have more than a few tools stocked up to help you achieve them together, and enjoy every minute of playtime.

Just imagine what you could do with clit-stimulating cock rings, bondage restraints, vibrators and anal plugs that amplify pleasure. Lovers who indulge in vanilla, kinky, and BDSM have plenty of sexy treats to choose from. Take your pick and schedule a special date night that leaves you both very, very satisfied.

Adult sex toys for couples do more than just please

The best adult toys for couples, are those that strengthen connections. Our entire range is hand-picked to do exactly that - amplify the bliss in the bedroom. Think of these pieces as an investment for a relationship, where greater intimacy and connectedness is required.

High-quality materials and excellent performance are two things we look for when selecting products. If the item doesn’t tick our boxes, it doesn’t make it into the collection. When you see a new addition pop up under the collection (or your email list), you can rest assured that it’s ready to power your play, just the way it’s meant to.

User-friendly controls and durable batteries feature in all electronic devices, especially the unisex anal vibrators we carry. With a little creativity, rabbit and three-pronged vibes can be used to pleasure him as well as her too. 

For those who prefer to simplify things, using butt plugs and suction cups can prove to be immensely satisfying. Try using the sucking nipple and clit sets on your partner during sex, or explore the sensations together. There are no limits to the erotic delights you can achieve!

Spark magical nights with the click of a button

Sometimes, investing in your relationship calls for mixing things up in the bedroom. No matter how much erotic exploration you’ve done together, there’s always room for more. A new adult toy is a perfect excuse to delve deeper into ecstasy with someone special by your side.

Start by choosing a toy or two that you know you’ll both enjoy. Ideas about how you’ll use it are bound to pop up as you scan the collection…which could be part of your foreplay, should you shop together. Online payments are discreet and won’t show up as “adult sex toys” on your bank statement or purchasing history - the perfect incognito set-up allowing you to shop your true desires.

If ordering for Valentine’s Day or other popular holidays, be sure to allow an extra day or two for orders to arrive. Our plain packaging gives nothing away, so you’re safe to order at home, on holiday, or send your long-distance lover a Peach present to keep them occupied on lonely nights.

Better yet, purchase items in advance and keep them stashed away for nights when you feel like spicing things up.