Powerful vibrating anal toys for adventurous play

Stimulating the body’s erogenous zones is a fun game to play. Whether you’re male or female, there’s more than one way to explore below the belt. Our bum vibes are excellent tools for experienced and novice adventurers alike, heightening orgasms in their wake.

Designed with ergonomic curves, velvety textures and exciting modes that feel incredible from the moment they switch on, the Peach Pleasure collection is unique and satisfying.

Picked for exceptional quality and the ability to generate out-of-this-world orgasms, these products don’t disappoint. Prostate stimulators, pronged vibes, classic wands and so much more are on the menu. The question is: what does your sexual appetite crave?

High-quality anal vibrators treat your booty right

The hallmark of a great anal vibe is its well-designed form. Every model on the Peach site carries this hallmark, effortlessly tracing the curves of the body. The end result? Beautifully crafted pieces that know exactly where to hit the spot.

Everything from training plugs to big, long vibes that thrum all through your body are ready to take you on a rollercoaster ride. Wrapped in premium silicone, the weighty sensation that these models provide make it even easier to slide them into position.

Once there, the controls are easily fine-tuned to your taste. Play with speeds, pulses and rotating functions to edge your way to climax. Or, if your playmate is up for the experience, surprise them with tantalising remote-controlled thrills that go for hours on end.

Why do men love anal vibrator orgasms?

While anal can feel absolutely incredible for both sexes, the derriere unlocks the most powerful male orgasm imaginable. Both unisex and specially designed anal vibrators for men can deliver this bliss – and once they do, there’s no going back.

Once a buzzing prostate stimulator glides in, it’s capable of making men lose their minds. Sending waves of good vibrations through the highly sensitive ‘male g-spot’, the inevitable climax is more powerful than anything he’s ever experienced before. Just imagine what would happen if you paired it with a cock ring…

No matter whether he’s enjoyed the feeling of a dildo before or is completely new to butt play, these adult toys aren’t to be trifled with. Introduce them to the bedroom and give your man the ride of his life!

Discreet butt bliss is one order away

Peach Pleasure’s mission is to heighten pleasure through stimulating adult sex toys – and we always deliver. With an exceptional range that’s hand-picked by a professional couple, our line is synonymous with stand-out quality and post-coital glows.

The good news is that no-one has to know what kind of fun you’re about to have when your order for couple’s sex toys arrives. The discreet, tasteful packaging that we provide gives none of your secrets away, so you’re free to explore in full privacy.

Start an unforgettable back-door journey with one of these pulsating pleasures today. We bet that you’re Peachy keen to take them for a test drive!