Male Play


Bliss-boosting male masturbators and sex toys

Satisfying the insatiable male libido is something we strive to do. With our fabulous range, the boundaries of sexuality are stretched beyond their limits, giving way to pure ecstasy. No need to experience a blue-ball moment ever again with our explosive collection of male adult toys.

Fleshlights, cock rings, sex dolls, prostate dildos and vibes are ready to take you to new depths of sexual exploration. Designed by specialists who know how to spark unforgettable orgasms, these items leave you fully sated after each use. Whatever your flavour of play is, the Peach line has something to get the blood pumping below the belt – and then generate sweet relief.

Our male masturbators amplify orgasms with the push of a button

Coaxing sultry sensations from every erotic zone on the body is always the end goal of our pleasure-filled products. The high-quality devices are designed to stimulate feelings that are as close to real sex as possible. Sometimes even better.

With a treasure trove of Peach products to choose from, bedroom games will never be the same again. Play solo with prostate massagers and anal vibrators, or slip on a cock ring that your lady can rub up against to amplify her climaxes.

And if you’re not in the mood for company? Our male sex dolls are the perfect answer for lonely, lusty nights.

What can you expect from our male masturbators?

If the only kind of self-pleasure you’ve ever experienced is hands-on masturbation, you’re in for a treat. Fleshlights and male masturbators take play to a whole new level, generating sensations that you and your hand simply can’t.

The expertly engineered devices we stock tirelessly suck, squeeze, and thrum around your manhood until bliss washes over you. Once in your hands, the ergonomic controls effortlessly respond to your every whim, quenching fiery desires. Most models also have the option to produce a mixture of pulses, vibrations, and squeezes that keep you on edge, Some can even be personalised to suit your tastes.

Be warned – once you turn these toys on, there’s no going back.

Share sexy treats with your partner

The greatest gifts in life are unforgettable experiences. Is there anything more intimate than sharing them with a playmate in the bedroom?

Gifting a sexy surprise is one hot way to spark extra special memories that linger long after the climax dies down. Try presenting him with something new and exciting that’s designed just for him, or go for one of our sensual couple’s sex toys. Either way, the night ends with a happy ending.

No matter what you choose, the surprise won’t be spoiled. Our discreet shipping and delivery leave no clue about the contents of the package; a fact that we think you’ll appreciate. Online payments are also shielded - the name “Peach Pleasure” won’t even show up on your bank statement!

Now that we’ve addressed those all-important concerns, you can shop freely for yourself, or that special someone. Savour the experience and prepare to enjoy a whole new level of sexual satisfaction.