How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sex Toys

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Sex toys may be purpose-built for pleasure, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them strictly as directed. Just like the play itself, a little creativity can push your pleasure to new heights – and we’re dedicated to getting you there.

Here are a few of our favourite tips for taking toys to the next level. Put them to good use, and you’ll be rewarded with even greater satisfaction.

Vibrators can be used for anal and much more

They say vibes are a woman’s best friend. We think they can be a man’s best friend, too. The trick is to know exactly where to use them and explore.

Vibrators for anal and vaginal play can be used for more than they’re marketed. While those for anal are built with a few extra safety measures, regular designs can also generate back-door bliss if you use them right.

Switched on, pulsing thrums course through the body in an array of patterns and strengths. Switched off, you get to manually operate a sleek, curved form that hits all the right spots while being under your control.

If you happen to be home alone, pressing play on the gadget’s full capabilities can come naturally. Our vibrators are some of the quietest on the market, and can even go undercover on travel trips – but if you’d rather not risk making a sound, you can always work them manually.

Try this at home…

If your partner is open to experiencing something new, we suggest lathering him up with lube and gently passing the vibe all over his package, especially over the crown jewels.

The same can be done with vibrating cock rings – you don’t always have to wear them!

sex toys for couples

Don’t underestimate suction

When thinking about pleasure products, the sensation of pressure doesn’t always come to mind. Yet, it can be a deliciously intense feeling that’s enough to tip you over the edge, any time.

Our clit suction cups are great for generating this sensation. While they are made to be placed on the clitoris, you’re free to use them anywhere on the body – and his, too.

With a nipple and clit set in your collection, endless combinations can be made. Whether you use them exclusively on your body or connect to him during play, the intensity of seductive suction will bring you both to climax in no time.

Play around and try different combinations. You won’t regret it.

Buy couples’ toys for two, or just for you

Pleasure products can be enjoyed alone, or with a partner. That means you get much more bang for your buck - literally - with these pieces in your personal collection.

Great for the minimalist who wants to maximise pleasure, these products are versatile enough to use solo, or bring you both to an unforgettable, heightened climax.

Check out the Peach collection of sex toys for couples to find inspiration.

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