How to Choose the Perfect Couples’ Sex Toy for Your Partner

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The key to keeping things steamy and passionate is to mix things up in the bedroom. What better way to do that than by surprising your lover with a sexy new toy?

There’s an art to getting it right, and we’re here to help you perfect it. Knowing what your lover likes is a start, but there’s plenty of room for discovery. As always, Peach products open the door and take sexual bliss to new places.

Before you begin…

Educating yourself on those ‘secret’ zones is the key to your partner’s satisfaction. While everyone is different, a few spots are worth learning about so you can heighten climaxes and send both mind and body tingling with delight.

The masculine anatomy

The male anatomy is a little less complicated than the female body, but it can sing with passion and bliss if you know how to work it.

Try stimulating him:

  • On the nipples
  • At the tip of his penis, including the entrance to the urethra (not for everyone)
  • Along the length of the penis (don’t forget the testicles)
  • In the perianal region, indirectly stimulating the prostate
  • At the anal opening, and beyond.

Be sure to communicate while exploring – surprises aren’t always welcome!

The feminine anatomy

Women are wired differently to men, figuratively and literally. There are more erogenous zones on the feminine body - and knowing where to hit the spot is always a good idea.

Try stimulating her:

  • Breasts and nipples
  • The clitoris
  • The entrance to the vagina
  • The G-spot, along the inner wall
  • The A-spot, deep within the passage
  • Along with the sensitive anal opening, as well as inside it.

All of these areas can be stimulated with the help of pleasure products – and Peach is here to show you how to make it happen.

An anal toy is perfect for couples

Let’s face it. Buying sexy treats for your partner is, in fact, buying a treat for yourself. Why not get something that both of you can enjoy?

Anal plugs and vibrators are the perfect product to meet your needs. Whether you’re buying for him or her, they’ll be able to experience the pleasure – and then share it with you at a later date. It’s the perfect solution.

Introduce new sex toys for couples at spontaneous intervals

It can be hard to choose just one product for your partner. While knowing which areas they like to be stimulated in is a great start, you might want to cover all your bases, a little at a time.

clit simulator

For the ladies

Items like nipple and clit stimulators are great for women, targeting their most sensitive areas, with the ability to separate sections. Vibrators are also top picks that both of you can enjoy – if she wants to share.

Buy for the both of you

Where one toy isn’t enough, two will do. Try bringing one of our dildo and vagina sets for couples into the bedroom and watching each other put it to use to put a new perspective on things. You never know where it could take you.

If your partner isn’t into it, chances are you will be. In the end, it’s best to shop for couples’ sex toys that you know you’ll enjoy – both by yourself and with your liver!

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